We love the smell of petrol in the morning.

Or any other time, really. That’s why we designed SILO Auto Club & Conservancy – based on our genuine passion for anything on two, four or more wheels. Growing up in Indy, it wasn’t a surprise that our founder, Mike Simmons, developed his love of cars from a young age. He and his dad did more than tinker around in their garage; they built classic cars (a ‘69 Camaro being among the favorites) from the chassis up. Years later, Mike and his wife would return to downtown Indy, only to discover the “Racing Capital of the World” was lacking a secure, upscale car storage facility.

So what did we do? We bought an old building and “resto-modded it” you might say. Mike and his team purchased a facility and carefully and lovingly restored and renovated it into the auto shop of our (and your) dreams. From roomy, secure storage for more than a hundred vehicles to three detailing/wash bays with a lift. From conference rooms with the latest technology to a luxuriously outfitted bar. From a singularly interesting event space to a welcome pit stop for gearheads and autophiles, SILO offers an experience unlike anything you’ll find in central Indiana.

As Hoosiers, we know this much; cars are in our blood. Our hearts beat in time to the thrum of the engine, and our pulses race when we slide behind the wheel. No matter what else we are “in real life,” here, we’re car people.

If you’re a car person, we’d love for you to join us.

Rest assured that when you leave your prized possession, we treat it as if it’s our own. We have state-of-the-art cameras covering every inch of our facility, plus on-site security personnel.

We know it’s hard to leave your baby. Call us to check in anytime, and of course, you can swing by whenever you want. You can rest easy, knowing your investment is protected.

At SILO, we pride ourselves on offering the white glove treatment. We offer you concierge pick-up and drop-off, with options for detailing, wash, and services. When you’re ready to take your car for a spin, we’ll have it ready to go.

Members are eligible to use our conference room space to host meetings with colleagues. Utilize our state-of-the-art audio/visual equipment for video calls, media presentations and more… all set against the backdrop of our upscale automotive club.

Meet up with friends after work, settle in to watch the game, or stop by for a quick bite and a chat with other members. Our full-service bar will make any occasion feel special, and you can stop by knowing you’ll always be surrounded by like-minded car lovers, just like you.

Our event space is open to anyone, but members receive priority booking and exclusive insider rates. Our facility offers you a unique opportunity to showcase your car and others in a museum-like setting, while taking advantage of our full kitchen and world-class catering.