There’s never been a business quite like SILO Auto Club & Conservancy in central Indiana, so we understand if you have some questions. We’ll try to answer the most common ones here, but if there’s something we’ve missed, head on over to Contact Us and let us know!

At SILO, we offer you storage, security, and a society you won’t find anywhere else in Indy. For a monthly or annual fee, you can store one or more vehicles in our secure, monitored, temperature-controlled facility. Membership to the SILO auto club is also included.

First and foremost, SILO is owned by a devoted car enthusiast, Mike Simmons. Mike’s experience with classic, luxury, exotic and muscle cars means the SILO team will always treat your vehicle with the same care he’d treat his own. Beyond that, your vehicle will be under 24/7 video surveillance. Plus, we’ll have on-site security personnel to monitor vehicles and patrol the premises. Your car will be stored in our climate-controlled facility where it can be cleaned up, detailed and prepared for you at your request.

Not many. You can pick up or drop off at anytime during regular business hours, Monday through Friday 9:00am-4:00pm, or by appointment on the weekend. After hours access can be arranged at your convenience. We’ll need a 48 hour notice, and we request a $25 per hour fee, for a minimum of two hours.

Storage begins at $245/month for the first vehicle. Members receive discounted fees on subsequent vehicles, and for annual subscriptions. We’ll be monitoring tire pressure, fluids, battery and conducting other routine checks. We’ll also be happy to start your car on a monthly basis, and rotate its location to avoid flat-spotting.

If you’re storing a vehicle or vehicles, we’ll need the title, proof of insurance (or a signed letter stating your awareness that SILO does not provide coverage for your car), a key for your vehicle, your preferred method of payment (VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover – checks are only permitted with pre-paid annual signup), and a list of people who have permission to access your vehicle, and copies of their identification.

We’ll be monitoring tire pressure, fluids, battery and conducting other routine checks. We’ll also be happy to start your car on a monthly basis, and rotate its location to avoid tire flat-spotting.

We can definitely do that! Contact us well in advance of the show so we can schedule detailing and any other maintenance needed. We’ll also be happy to help you coordinate transportation, trailering, etc.

Absolutely! Maybe you already have secure storage for your vehicle(s). Or maybe you just haven’t found the car of your dreams yet. Either way, we’d still love to have you as part of our community. You can purchase a monthly club membership that gives you access to our club, without storing a vehicle.

As a valued member of the SILO Auto Club & Conservancy, you’ll have exclusive access to our facility. Schedule a business meeting in our tricked-out conference room, or just bring your laptop for a change of pace from the office. Watch a game or relax in our full service bar, or pick up a quick snack. Plus, as a member, you’ll be invited to exclusive SILO events, like auto tours, car industry TED-style talks, race and game night parties, and a lot more. We have a lot of surprises awaiting our members!

Pretty much any kind you can think of! Marrying the guy or gal of your dreams? Say “I do” next to the car of your dreams! Host a family reunion, a business retreat, corporate receptions or car club meetings… all with views of our premier car collection, and access to our world-class catering and event services.

We’ll help you with every step of the planning, from recommending a caterer and choosing a menu to staging the facility for an event you’ll never forget.

Our flexible event space can accommodate events as small as 12 people in our conference room to large cocktail parties, receptions, and events for 300-400 people. Contact us to discuss your guest list and find out how we can accommodate your crowd.